Children sing for
other children in the world

Access to education
through music

The Don du Chœur Association is committed to education around the world. Through its charity concerts, it gives children the opportunity to help underprivileged children living in other countries, or even in Switzerland.

At a global level,
1 in 5 children
don’t go to school.

Don du Choeur aims to offer children:

Quality education
Acceptable sanitary and food conditions
An independent future

They Sang Their Hearts Out!

On the 1st of May, some 400 pupils from Geneva’s private schools gave a magnificent concert in the Victoria Hall.
It was a magical moment they had been working towards for almost two years, in order to support children from Cambodia and Madagascar and made for an emotional 7th concert for Don du Choeur!

Cambodia: improved school infrastructure!

Thanks to the donations received, the takings from the concert and the local produce sold during the evening, construction of the eagerly awaited, new extension for the Ta Pen school will begin in January 2024.

Madagascar: an unhoped-for achievement

For those children most in need, the success of the 1st of May concert opened up new possibilities for the future. In Andohasatra, community support can now be ensured and access to water facilitated.

Music rooms in Oaxaca, Mexico

In Mexico, music is a factor of social cohesion and education. We are committed to giving young people a purpose and encouraging them to go back to school.