Ensuring the survival of 200 orphans in extreme distress



7 years , 2004 - 2013
Tambov, Russia
An orphanage located in the countryside, nearly an hour from the city of Tambov (750,000 inhabitants) and 500km from Moscow.
Regional Department of Education


In this very humid region where the temperature can drop to -30°C, 200 orphans are at risk of dying of cold or tuberculosis. Deprived of heating, they have no hot water, showers or decent toilets, and walk to the public bath every 10 days to wash.


It was a question of urgently financing three new boilers for these children suffering from serious lung diseases. The dreadful conditions observed on the spot lead the Don du Chœur to commit itself in a more sustainable way, for renovation and sanitation works of the orphanage.

Objectives achieved

Year after year, work after work, the insalubrity disappears. From 2004, the heating works. In 2005, orphans can wash with hot water and have 6 showers. This was followed by a dental office, 100 new beds and a new roof in 2006. In 2007, 153 insulating windows were installed: farewell to the cold and damp smells! Over the following years, other crucial improvements were made to the institution: a new kitchen, a new electrical system, 200 new radiators, the construction of a bathroom per dormitory, a laundry room…. To limit the effect of power cuts, two generators are installed. 58 rooms are renovated in the dormitory. Finally, 5 classes are equipped with light multimedia equipment.


The orphanage, which depends on the state, now also benefits from regular help from Russian companies and local donors. The Don du Chœur association has withdrawn.

insulating windows

new radiators