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Financial report for the fiscal year 2021

For the second consecutive year, the education of children around the world was seriously impacted in 2021 as schools struggled to deal with repeated closures and re-openings and moving to online teaching when possible.

Underprivileged, handicapped and illiterate children were the most affected but their resilience helped them to handle this crisis as it has done with all the other crises. Our Don du Chœur association, which has been helping these vulnerable students from near and far for almost 20 years, made an even bigger effort this year!

Thanks to your support, dear Don du Chœur friends and benefactors, children in Mexico, Madagascar and Cambodia were able to go through the crisis in conditions acceptable to health and education.

The strong rallying of volunteers from Geneva and local partners, with the support of Geneva’s private schools enabled the Don du Chœur to achieve its mission to 916 students.

  • In Geneva, our association organized two collections of sneakers and jeans to support the Vestiaire Social, in collaboration with the AGEP and private schools, to provide assistance to the poorest families unable to afford clothing.
  • In Mexico, the extension works of the Santa Cecilia music school progressed well. The extension of the covered area made it easier when face-to-face music classes started again outside. Five students continued their music studies at university (still online).
  • In Madagascar, our main struggle was against malnutrition of school-children. We also handed out school supplies and developed training programmes adapted to teachers and women of the village. The Andohasatra-Betioky school canteen was able to stay operational throughout the year thanks to  the World Food Programme, a key factor for the durability of the school.
  • In Cambodia, the school maintained its education programme despite the massive changes in health regulations. We also focused on the nutrition of the most deprived students and families. In spite of these difficulties, school results were satisfactory and dropout remained low (10%) thanks to the dedication of the local team. The first Ta Pen students successfully started higher education.
  • In India, we remain in touch with our Anbumalar school, to supply food baskets to families with disabled children.


Detailed analysis of our different works

  • In Mexico
    • Thanks to the proceeds of our 2019 Don du Chœur concert and to the work of young choristers from private schools in Geneva, we continued to build an extension to a music school in a slum in Oaxaca in collaboration with the French association “La Banda de Música”.
    • Despite repeated school closures, the construction works progressed all the same with a small number of participants on the building site and the strict health measures.
    • Second phase of works: after the construction of two big rehearsal rooms in 2020, this year was dedicated to the extension of the covered space. This work phase was completed in September and the students were able to develop their musical skills in the open air, in satisfactory health conditions in a period of pandemic.
    • Total expenditure for this second phase: CHF 26,527.18, with a total amount of CHF 102,253.18 for the works financed by the Don du Chœur since 2019.
      • CHF 13,392.42 is provisioned for building individual work rooms.
      • CHF 3'575 is reserved for university grants planned for six musicians who enrolled at the NAUM in Mexico City in 2022 (classes currently still online)


  • In Madagascar
    • In this period of pandemic and severe drought, the living conditions in the south of Madagascar were particularly difficult and aggravated last February by the devastating effects of Cyclone Batsirai.
    • Access to drinking water and food was even more crucial for the 340 students in our school. The World Food Programme regularly supplied the school. The manual pump installed in 2020 made it possible to access the water despite the huge drop in the groundwater table.
    • Thanks to the friends of Don du Chœur,
      • we financed school supplies, a compensation for kindergarten teachers paid solely by the community, and a week of training for teachers with the help of the regional education authority.
      • In collaboration with SOS Villages d’Enfants Betioky, we also took part in offering literacy classes to women for six months and training them in different activities (weaving, goat farming, and market gardening) to make them financially self-sufficient.
      • The CHF 12,280 expenditure can be broken down as follows:
      • School supplies: CHF 1,890
      • Compensation, follow-up and training of teachers: CHF 1,248
      • Community women's training: CHF 2,740
      • Building maintenance (painting): : CHF 1,715
      • Follow-up by Toro Hay  (two missions on the spot): CHF 4,686
    • Our local partner, Toro Hay, is in charge of monitoring the school, in coordination with Claude-Alain Burky, a DDC Committee Member, in charge of the project and based in Tulear.


  • In Cambodia:
    • Cambodia, which is highly dependent on tourism, was severely impacted by the ongoing health crisis. Like all the others in the country, our school was closed for 7 months, from 20th March to 18th October 2021.
    • In collaboration with the families, our local team managed to implement the necessary means so that primary school students could follow courses from home, and secondary and high school students could follow distance learning courses provided by the State as best as possible.
    • Seven out of nine former Ta Pen students completed their baccalaureate, and have gone on to higher education.
    • Twenty-seven students passed their end-of-secondary-school examination.
    • On the whole, the school results were satisfactory despite the difficulties: 85.7% in primary school, 82.9% in secondary school.
    • The total cost of the Cambodia project reached CHF 96,010 in 2021 (CHF 98,985 in 2020), broken down as follows:
      • Running costs for primary and secondary schools (541 pupils) CHF 84,650 in 2021. CHF 86,768 in 2020):
        • Low running costs due to the temporary closure of the school including salary adjustment but maintaining good sanitary conditions, school supplies and uniforms and also food distribution to students and also food baskets to the most deprived families to make up for the closure of the school canteen.
      • Financial support for the studies of 34 young secondary school graduates from Ta Pen (CHF 11,359 in 2021. CHF 12,216 in 2020)
        • High school students and vocational education (CHF 9,964): Low costs because the course follow-up was online as students lived at their parents’ homes. Under normal circumstances we pay for accommodation close to Bakong high school and we give a grant to all our high school students and those in vocational education (INPA, Techo SEN). This year, for the first time, a student had training in agroecology paid by Bayon Agroecology Training!
        • University students (CHF1,395): All our eight students passed their first year at university! They were selected on file and financially supported by trustworthy partners (Child’s Dream Foundation, Enfants du Mekong, Lotus Outreach)- We thank them for all their support. The Don du Chœur only occasionally intervenes to help three students (CHF 1’395.-)
    • To replace our frequent work trips and discussions with the Cambodian teams, which were totally impossible in 2021, the follow-up was ensured through very frequent Zoom meetings, which enabled us to keep close ties for all decision making phases.
    • The Don du Chœur signed a new Cooperation Contract with the Provincial Department for Education on 10th March 2022 valid until 31st December 2025.


Communication activities were regularly carried out by the Don du Chœur ranging from updating the website to developing an online presence on social networks, especially with videos and two newsletters with help from the Fondation Foyer Handicap.


All the Don du Chœur activities are carried out by volunteers whose personal involvement enables 100% of the donations to be allocated to the projects. We would like to express our sincere thanks to them on behalf of all the children from near and far.

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