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pour les enfants du monde


Here is the heartfelt message addressed to the children of the Santa Cecilia music school by Ambassador Mendez, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the UN, during the Don du Choeur charity evening on October 11

Le Don du Choeur has been involved in the expansion of this music school since its last concert in 2019.
This school was born in 2011, in the heart of the waste collection center of Oaxaca in Mexico, on the initiative of children who dreamed of creating a brass band. Today, thanks to the involvement of the French association La Banda de Musica, the school welcomes 150 children who take music lessons six days a week. We invite you to discover in 3 minutes the poignant story of these children saved by music.

You can now see here the list of the many prizes to be won during our Jazz evening on Tuesday, 11 October at La Brasserie des Artisans. Among them are a plane ticket for Mexico, hotel stays, seats for various cultural and sport events ........  The dinner is sold out but guests already signed up can still buy tickets on the evening.  A huge thank you to all our friends and amazing partners for this exciting tombola!

The magnificent raffle orchestrated by all the friends of the Don du Choeur will have unleashed passions last Tuesday at the Jazz evening. And the draws of the prizes, big laughs with a table grabbing all the gardening utensils, a dentist, two fancy necklaces … and the winner of the plane ticket for Mexico recovering, a few minutes later, the tourist guide of Mexico . The raffle brought in CHF 5,286.- on Tuesday evening and was increased last night to CHF 6,000.- by one of the prize donors! Thank you all for your enthusiasm.
There are still 4 beautiful prizes that have not yet found their buyers. Contact us until November 1st at 079 652 90 93

An immense thank you to all the friends of Don du Choeur and our wonderful partner Isabelle de Boves, of the French organization La Banda de Musica, for participating so generously at our jazz evening on 11 October. It was such a great pleasure to meet up again, after the long months of pandemic, in support of the children from the Santa Cecilia music school in Mexico. You can get a feel for the ambiance !

The total take from the evening exceeded our expectations, reaching 9,615 CHF (5,286 CHF of which came from the tombola). Thanks to all of you and, particularly those contributing prizes for the tombola, we will not only be able to construct three practice rooms for the music school (8,400 CHF) but also provide some university grants.

Music has opened doors to another world for our young students – you have understood that and we can’t thank you enough!