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After the resounding success of our spring campaign “Lâche-moi les baskets”, the Don du Choeur (DDC) association has launched a new initiative.

As we move into winter, the Vestiaire Social de Genève is facing a 20% increase in the use of its services. So, on 20 November, World Children’s Day, we’re going to kick off our campaign “Laisse ton jeans au vestiaire”

We are calling on the pupils and parents of the 47 schools of AGEP (Association Genevoise des Écoles Privées) to ensure its success! Our goal is to collect 2,021 pairs of jeans and trousers of all sizes – for children, adolescents and adults.

The timeline:

  • Posters and flyers are currently being distributed in all AGEP schools.
  • A DDC committee member will visit the secretariat of each school, between 10 and 15 December, to pick up the jeans that have been collected.
  • The results of the campaign will be posted on this website on 15 January.

We would like to thank, in advance, all those who take up the challenge with us to help the most vulnerable families here in Geneva at this special time of year.

For any questions or more information, contact us at info@don-du-chœ

Here is the newsletter for June 2021.

In view of the precarious situation in Geneva, the Don du Chœur, association launched at the end of January a collection of used sneakers for children and teenagers in response to emergency call emitted by the Vestiaire Social of Geneva.

Some 20 private schools participated to this iniative, collecting in all 1'432 pairs of sneakers, a result that exceeded all expectations. Please connect to YouTube where the responsible of the Vestiaire Social answers our questions.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts the students / parents & teachers of each school along with the volunteers involved in this action.

Partner Schools : Collège du Léman, Deutsche Schule, Ecole Active de Malagnou, Ecole Brechbühl, Ecole La Découverte, Ecole Eden, Ecole Farny, Ecole Girsa, Ecole Moser, Ecole Internationale de Genève, La Salésienne, Ecole Moderne, Ecole Mosaic, Ecole des Nations, Externat des Glacis, Institut Florimont, Institut International de Lancy, Geneva English School 

Mexico is in lock-down. Schools are closed. Covid-19 is approaching Oaxaca, threatening in particular the shanty-town of Vicente Guerrero, which sits at the edge of the local refuse tip, and where Don du Choeur is financing and extending a music school.

In the current situation, the directive to Stay at Home is vital to avoid spreading the virus. But this is difficult for many who are living hand to mouth and who have to go out in order to feed their families.

With your support, we want to help and protect the most needy families connected to our school by buying them hygiene safety products, food and drinking water – and, if possible, telephone credit for music lessons online. So many things have become inaccessible!

Order embroidered face-masks* (10 Swiss francs each, plus postage) at and be part of this wonderful chain of solidarity between Geneva and Oaxaca!

* Choice of model respected within the limits of stock available.


What’s happening in Cambodia? How are the 600 young people of Ta Pen coping?   Here, we reply to some of the questions you have been asking.

The situation in Cambodia

The rapid spread of COVID-19 affects us all and has not spared Cambodia, which has closed its borders. Although the number of confirmed cases is, according to official figures, still very small (122 cases as of 16 April, 30 of which were French tourists travelling in the region of Ta Pen!), constraints have been firmly placed on the movement of the population. Schools have been closed since 16 March. The celebration of the Khmer New Year has been cancelled by the authorities and travel restricted at provincial level.

Impact on the Ta Pen school

All the children have stopped their studies and returned to working in the fields to help their parents. We do not know for how long. Before the school closed, the primary and secondary pupils received training from our partner, Bandos Komar, on COVID-19 and the precautions to be taken to protect themselves (and their families) and stop the spread of the virus.

For the moment, all our Cambodian colleagues, friends and pupils are in good health. Many of you have been asking about them and they are extremely touched by your sense of solidarity. The school’s employees and teachers are being paid in full for the moment. We will reconsider the wage policy of Don du Choeur at the beginning of May in line with the current situation.

Impact on the “postgrad” students

Our students studying at the high school in Bakong and those following professional training at Siem Reap have all returned home to their parents in Ta Pen after having successfully completed their first semester. We congratulate them all!

During this period, we will no longer finance their schooling but will keep their lodgings in town so they can pick up their studies again as soon as the schools reopen.

Impact on families

As you know, the standard of living of rural families in Ta Pen still remains very low, even though it has increased significantly over the last few years thanks, to a large extent, to the presence of the school. The demand for agricultural products (in particular mangoes, which are cultivated everywhere in Ta Pen) has taken a big hit because of the closure of hotels and restaurants. Tourism has ceased. If this crisis is prolonged, Ta Pen risks falling into a survival economy.

In this difficult situation, we wish to stay close to our most vulnerable families. We are distributing produce from the school vegetable garden to them to supplement the rice being offered by the State. We will also assist families whose children have to be hospitalized.

The Ta Pen school plays an important supporting role for families in difficulty and is helping to prepare for a careful lifting of restrictions … whenever that might be.