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Here is the newsletter for June 2022.

A big thanks to the private schools and friends of Don du Choeur who acted upon the urgent request from the Vestiaire Social of Geneva.
2'408 jeans were collected and delivered. Sean Power, the AGEP president came onsite to evaluate himself the needs.

At the urgent request of Vestiaire Social, the Don du Choeur association has been collecting jeans for children and teenagers to help meet the demand for clothing (up 20% from last year) for the most economically vulnerable families in Geneva.

In less than a month, 22 of the city’s private schools have donated 2,029 jeans and trousers to the initiative.  In addition, the Swiss fashion company Framework AG in Hünenberg, contributed 60 brand-new pairs of jeans through its Geneva outlet, Père et Fils.  The resulting total of 2,089 jeans greatly exceeds what was hoped for and shows what such a strong spirit of solidarity can achieve – and continue to achieve, as six of the schools are continuing their collection drive until the end of Febuary.

Our heartfelt thanks go to every school, every family, every volunteer and every partner organization taking part in this initiative.  It was a pleasure to participate in it with you and do share the results online You Tube!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you would like information on how to contribute further.

Partner schools: Collège du Léman, Collège Saint Louis, Cycle d’Orientation l’ACORE, Ecole Active, Ecole Benedict, Ecole Bersot, Ecole Brechbühl, Ecole La Découverte Genève, Ecole La Découverte Mies, Ecole Eden, Ecole Farny, Ecole La Salesienne, Ecole Moser Genève, Ecole Moser Nyon, Ecole Internationale de Genève, Ecole Internationale de Tunon, Ecole Moderne, Ecole Mosaic, Ecole des Nations, Ecole Persiaux, Externat des Glacis, Institut Florimont, Institut International de Lancy, Institut International Notre-Dame-du Lac, Geneva English School, Lycée Toepffer.

Partners : CSP, Caritas, Association Genevoise des Ecoles Privées (AGEP).

Here is the newsletter for December 2021.

After the resounding success of our spring campaign “Lâche-moi les baskets”, the Don du Choeur (DDC) association has launched a new initiative.

As we move into winter, the Vestiaire Social de Genève is facing a 20% increase in the use of its services. So, on 20 November, World Children’s Day, we’re going to kick off our campaign “Laisse ton jeans au vestiaire”

We are calling on the pupils and parents of the 47 schools of AGEP (Association Genevoise des Écoles Privées) to ensure its success! Our goal is to collect 2,021 pairs of jeans and trousers of all sizes – for children, adolescents and adults.

The timeline:

  • Posters and flyers are currently being distributed in all AGEP schools.
  • A DDC committee member will visit the secretariat of each school, between 10 and 15 December, to pick up the jeans that have been collected.
  • The results of the campaign will be posted on this website on 15 January.

We would like to thank, in advance, all those who take up the challenge with us to help the most vulnerable families here in Geneva at this special time of year.

For any questions or more information, contact us at info@don-du-chœ