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Financial report for the fiscal year 2018

2018 was a year dense with events and marked by the 15th anniversary of the Don du Chœur association, by Ta Pen students starting high school or vocational training in Cambodia, by the public primary school establishing a foothold in Andohasatra-Betioky in Madagascar and by the 2019 Don du Chœur concert preparation.

Thanks to the extraordinary support of Geneva’s private schools, numerous volunteers and local and Swiss partners, and the Pas du Chœur solidarity walk, Don du Chœur achieved several key objectives in collaboration with the local authorities concerned:

  • In Cambodia: enrolment of 535 pupils in primary, secondary and nursery school. First year of study in high school or vocational training (electricity, mechanics, IT, hotel business) for 26 young people. First students graduate from hotel school. (Sala Baï, Haven and Friends International). Summer camps organized by Catherine Firmenich, Magali Castro Gyr and two young anglophone students from Geneva.
  • In Madagascar: second year of study in Andohasatra-Betioky public primary school, built by Don du Choeur. The school has catered for 300 pupils since October 2018. Priority is given to child nutrition, development of reading skills at school and continuing professional development for all teachers.
  • In Mexico, on-site project validation in October 2018 by some Don du Chœur committee members (at their own expense) in the presence of Isabelle de Boves, President of the Banda de Musica and partner of Santa Cecilia Music School since 2011. Very warm welcome from the community of the shanty town of Vicente Guerrero, at the foot of the giant municipal rubbish tip of Oaxaca City.
  • In Geneva, Don du Chœur celebrated its 15th anniversary at the restaurant the Halles de l’Ile on 15 May 2018 in the presence of a hundred loyal friends of the association. Tombola and Cambodian market to fund the purchase of new bicycles. During summer 2018, Sue Power, Artistic Director, and the two conductors, Daniel Darbellay and Benjamin Lubrano embarked on the programme design of the 2019 Don du Chœur concert.


In Cambodia, the 2018 spending for Ta pen school reached CHF 132,875.81 against CHF 120,240.95 in 2017, broken down as follows:

  • Primary and secondary school's running costs (CHF 112,311.71): Good management of the school’s running costs (+2,2%) supported by Don du Chœur: maintaining teaching quality, uniforms and school supplies, no salary increase in 2018, reinforcement of English teaching, continuing education programme policy for teachers. Running costs thereby increased from CHF 109,892.26 to CHF 112,311.71.
  • Financial support for the studies of 38 young secondary school graduates of Ta Pen (19 graduates last year): 23 youngsters continued their studies at Khnar Sanday high school, 10 km from Ta Pen, and 15 participated in vocational training in Siem Reap at National Polytechnic Institute of Angkor or Regional Polytechnic Institute Techo Sen Siem Reap, for an amount of CHF 11,541.79. Khnar Sanday high school students received study allowances and vocational studies students in Siem Reap were provided with food and accommodation subsidies.
  • Maintenance costs in Ta Pen school: installation of a new lightning conductor after extensive damage caused by lightning, battery replacement of solar panels, miscellaneous maintenance for an amount of CHF 9,022.31.
  • Running costs of the NGO (CHF 744.22).


In Madagascar, in Andohasatra-Betioky school, spending for 2018 amounted to CHF 22,920 and was mainly used for:

  • The provision of a library and the librarian’s training.
  • Two educational training sessions for the 13 teachers in the school.
  • The daily meals of the 300 pupils in the school canteen. .
  • The project supervision by the ToroHay bureau to maintain the link with local education authorities.

It should be noted that the World Food Program has taken responsibility again for the school canteen supplies since January 2019. We thank them for their support which contributes to the school's sustainability!


Communication activities were regularly carried out by the Don du Chœur ranging from the updating of the website with our WebMaster Pasha Mirza to the production of three newsletters.

Numerous events marked the year 2018:

  • In Geneva,
    • Friendly evening to celebrate the 15th anniversary at the restaurant les Halles de l’Ile with a group of 125 volunteers of the association, to take stock of the 15 years of Don du Chœur at the service of children’s education around the world.
    • Preparation of the 2019 Don du Chœur concert with the twelve private schools involved.
      • 30 October 2018 - Presentation of the concert programme to all teachers involved, by the three conductors.
      • Presentation to Geneva’s private schools of the enlargement project of Santa Cecilia music school.
      • Launch of a “musical score” campaign to cover registration fees at the music school to children in dire need (CHF 10 per month).
      • Establishment of a Mexico committee to work on the stage design and the evening entertainment to please the 400 young chorists.
      • Scene design and choreography work with the Crescendo dance school to give a particular spirit to the concert of the 15th anniversary of Don du Choeur.
      • Contact with the Mexican Permanent Mission, the Embassy of Mexico and the Mexican community of Geneva to involve them in the humanitarian project.
  • In Cambodia: 
    • Organisation of a visit of Ta Pen school in March 2018 with twelve sponsors of the project including Anne-Claire and Vincent of the “Pas du Chœur”.
    • Organisation of the first summer camp in English for secondary school pupils and high school students by Magali Castro Gyr, teacher at La Découverte school in Geneva, two young Anglophone students from Geneva and Catherine Firmenich, DDC Committee Member.
    • Trips to Cambodia in March and December for Isabelle Chatel and Michel Firmenich to define the priorities and the development of the project. Meeting with Ta Pen families and working in cooperation with the team of Don du Chœur Cambodia. New contact with NGOs specialised in professional training. (it has to be noted that travel and accommodation expense were paid for by the volunteers).


All the activities of Don du Choeur are carried out by volunteers whose outstanding involvement enables 100% of the donations to be allocated to the projects. We would like to express our sincere thanks in name of all the children from here and abroad.

Don du Chœur General Meeting – 20th May 2019

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