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Fourth year of schooling for 360 underprivileged children in Betioky


Madagascar, the 5th poorest country in the world, with a very young and poor population (60% are less than 20 years old – 75% live below the poverty line)  has an enormous need for education, especially in the South.
In partnership with SOS Villages d’Enfants Madagascar (SOSVE-MAD), Don du Chœur is going to build a school in Andohasatra (a district of Betioky)
This group of mud houses is 10km from Betioky in an arid region with only one well. This well is used by more than 70 families who have between 10 and 12 children each, and who survive on less than one Euro per day.

More than 70 families live at Andohasatra
More than 70 families live at Andohasatra
They live in full darkness
They live with no light with 10 -12 people in each mud house.

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The project is situated in Andohasatra, north of Betioky and seven hours’ drive on a dirt track from the main town of Tuléar.  In this subdesert region the cultivation of rice is almost non existant due to lack of water. The corn and manioc crops are barely enough to feed the people. The scarcity of food is another factor keeping children from attending school.

Madagascar map
Andoahasatra, 10 km north of Betioky

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In Andohasatra (around 700 inhabitants) the community built a small school in order to educate one class of a hundred students of all levels.

L’école d’Andohasatra détruite par le cylone
The school in Andohasatra destroyed by the cyclone
Une seule classe pour 100 élèves de tous niveaux
A single class for 100 children of all levels.

The project aims to rebuild the public infant and primary school, expanding it to six classrooms and with its own well in order to educate and feed the 360 children in the village.
When the school opens later in 2016 the children will receive an education of high standard given by state-employed teachers who have been trained by SOS Villages d’Enfants Madagascar (a training course recognised by UNESCO in 2014).
The meals, prepared by the families, will be financed by the Don du Chœur and the  World Food Programme (WFP) from March 2017

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Keys stages:

October 2015: The project was validated in Madagascar by the Don du Chœur committee. Meetings and agreements with the national, regional, local and community authorities.

Meeting of the DDC committee and the person in charge of education in Betioky.
Meeting of the DDC committee and the person in charge of education in Betioky.
Andry Randriamamonjy, responsable SOS VE chargé du projet
Andry Randriamamonjy, in charge of the project for SOS VE, talking to the Head of  the village of Andohasatra.

8 March 2016: The foundation stone is laid
28 April 2016: Charity concert with 400 Geneva children
April to September 2016: Building of the school along with a canteen, a well and a water tank.
October 2016: Opening of the school, which will be subsidized by the DDC for one year, thanks to the Great Dictation.

Ecole publique d’Andohasatra financée par le Don du Choeur
Andohasatra public school financed by the Don du Choeur
360 enfants malgaches de plus à l’école !
360 more Madagascar children scholarized !

October 2017: The Andohasatra school becomes a public school sponsored by the Don du Choeur
2017: building of extra accomodation for the school teachers 
2018: opening of a fully equipped library in the old school
2016/ 2020:  two weeks of professional training for the school teachers 
2020: training and assisting a group of student's mothers in order for them to start professional activities (handicraft, breeding, subsistance crops)

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This new project has come about thanks to the local knowledge and integration of SOS Villages d’Enfants in this area.
SOS  Villages d’Enfants Madagascar (SOSVE-MAD) has been active in Madagascar for 26 years. It works throughout the country, with 4 SOSVE villages, and supports 54,000 children. Its aim is to improve living conditions, particularly in the South.
In Betioky, SOSVE-MAD has opened a community support centre for 1,000 people, covering schooling, professional reorientation,  maternal and childhood protection, and nutritional advice. The person responsible for the centre insures the monitiring of the Andohasatra public school in collaboration with our local partner Toro Hay.

Danses de bienvenue devant l’école
Welcome dance in front of the school
Accueil chaleureux du village
Warm welcome from the villagers

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How you can help:

Help us help these children. Through your donation, you can help improve the education of these children by supporting a project that is tangible, useful and targeted.
Every donation counts and will be used entirely for the project.

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