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In the rural district of Teso, near Kenya's border with Uganda, government schools are in a dilapidated state because of a lack of funds for maintenance and equipment. Children have to learn to read and write in classrooms that are overcrowded, dark and dirty; these difficult conditions often lead them to drop out. This has brought down the education level in Teso, compared to other districts in Kenya.

Don du Choeur wants to help improve education in the district.

Kakemer School
Kakemer School: classroom needing renovation
Kakemer School
Kakemer School: overcrowded and gloomy classroom

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Far from Kenya's tourist spots, Teso lies in a rural area near the border with Uganda. It is a densely populated district with a high child mortality rate (11%) and low life expectancy (49 years).

The population live mainly from agriculture and livestock rearing.

Kenya map
Teso District
Teso District

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Don du Choeur has decided to fund the renovation of two State schools (Kakemer and Ataba Oburi), the construction of the district's first centre for handicapped children and the rehabilitation of a dormitory at a girls' school. The work will last three years and will be supervised directly by a Kenyan NGO.

Ataba Oburi school
Ataba Oburi school: no proper windows to protect the children from heavy rains
Ataba Oburi school
Ataba Oburi school: the earth floors are infested by fleas

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Key stages:

October 2012: Field assessment by a team of Don du Choeur volunteers. They meet with our local NGO partner, Community Outreach Centres.
November 2012: Information meeting and discussion at the Institut Florimont school in Geneva with the school managers and teachers involved in the 2013 concert.
30 April 2013: 400 children from private schools in Geneva perform at a concert in the city's prestigious Victoria Hall, to raise funds for the benefit of 600 children in Kenya.
May to September 2013:

Construction of the St Luke School for handicapped children; installation of the septic tank and lavatories at the girls' dormitory.

Children at Ataba Oburi
Children at Ataba Oburi
Children at Kakemer
Children at Kakemer

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How you can help:

This project will start with the construction of the first special needs school for handicapped children in Teso. Through your donation, you can help improve the education of these children by supporting a project that is tangible, useful and targeted.

Every donation counts and will be used entirely for the project.
Read how to donate.

Site of the future special needs school
Site of the future special needs school
One of the school's future pupils
One of the school's future pupils

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