Education et Santé
pour les enfants du monde

In view of the precarious situation in Geneva, the Don du Chœur, association launched at the end of January a collection of used sneakers for children and teenagers in response to emergency call emitted by the Vestiaire Social of Geneva.

Some 20 private schools participated to this iniative, collecting in all 1'432 pairs of sneakers, a result that exceeded all expectations. Please connect to YouTube where the responsible of the Vestiaire Social answers our questions.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts the students / parents & teachers of each school along with the volunteers involved in this action.

Partner Schools : Collège du Léman, Deutsche Schule, Ecole Active de Malagnou, Ecole Brechbühl, Ecole La Découverte, Ecole Eden, Ecole Farny, Ecole Girsa, Ecole Moser, Ecole Internationale de Genève, La Salésienne, Ecole Moderne, Ecole Mosaic, Ecole des Nations, Externat des Glacis, Institut Florimont, Institut International de Lancy, Geneva English School