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Adjust your watches – very soon, only English will be spoken at Ta Pen school in Cambodia. Teachers there are opening their first summer course in English for secondary pupils.

The project is run by Sokna, 25, who holds a Masters in English from Build Bright University and who has worked at Ta Pen for two years. Helped by three teachers of other subjects, Sokna has arranged for current and former Ta Pen pupils to come together from 21 August. In all, 70 youngsters have registered.

Magali, from the La Découverte school in Geneva – who previously taught English at the school for nine months – is going over for the course, accompanied by two English-speaking students, Emily and Ariane, and Catherine, Don du Choeur committee member.

The aim is simple: an immersion in the English language for 15 days through studies and games, where Khmer and French are not allowed! Teachers and pupils will soon be reporting on our website…