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Conductors 2019

Thanks to the children and their teachers!

400 children will be singing on the stage of the Victoria Hall on 9 May - but they would not be there without the hard work of the teachers who have taught them the songs at school and the trio of conductors who will be leading them on the night.

Three familiar faces will be in charge of the music on 9 May: Don du Choeur’s Artistic Director, Sue Power (Geneva English School) with Daniel Darbellay and Benjamin Lubrano (both of Florimont). All were involved in our last concert, in 2016, for Madagascar, and all feel renewed inspiration for the Mexico project.

sue power
Sue Power
daniel darbellay
Daniel Darbellay
benjamin lubrano
Benjamin Lubrano

The common motivation among the three is the possibility to help children here use their love of music to help children in far less fortunate circumstances enjoy and benefit from the same passion.

Daniel has taken part in all the concerts since 2006 and has co-directed three. “I love seeing that spark of happiness in the young singers’ eyes on the evening of the concert. It’s really moving.”

Benjamin says: “The children here have seen the images of the shanty town music school and are conscious of the power of music in this wonderful project.” Two of Benjamin’s own songs are included in the evening’s programme, “Ca Jazz” and “Une petite mélodie”.

The choice of musical numbers was made, as before, by the three conductors – each bringing suggestions to the table and reaching the final selection after lengthy discussions, balancing unison and part-songs, traditional and contemporary numbers. The musical scores were then distributed to all the participating schools, to be taught and rehearsed by their respective teachers.

And since the beneficiary of the 9 May concert is a music school – there will be a surprise in store for the audience. Better get those tickets soon!